“Does Gender Matter?” My Latest Podcast Interview with Dr. Juli Slattery

It feels strange to post about ordinary things – like the meaning of masculinity and femininity – in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Life has been put on hold in so many ways here in Colorado with school, restaurant, retail, resort, and government office closings. Applications for unemployment insurance have skyrocketed in the state over the past week, as thousands of people are suddenly out of work.

And yet I wanted to let you know about my latest podcast with Dr. Juli Slattery of Authentic Intimacy, if for no other reason than that the Java With Juli podcasts are only available to the general public for six months. After that you have to subscribe to listen.

Here are a few comments about the interview:

If we believe that we need representation by both genders in all spheres of society then we must believe that the differences between women and men matter. If we think it’s important to listen to the voices of both men and women, what we are saying is that the unique perspectives of males and females bring value to our lives, our homes, and our world. If all of this is true, then talking about what those differences might be is a conversation we need to have.

Is it possible to look at gender differences without falling into stereotypical, traditional, or hierarchical descriptions? Can we consider the topic from a theological perspective without defaulting to assumptions that have harmed women and men for millennia?

I believe the answer to those questions is a resounding yes. If we start with our fundamental humanity as image-bearers of God rather than with the differences, we position ourselves to articulate a full orbed picture of masculinity and femininity instead of a truncated and often erroneous version.

So when I was invited to talk about what it means to be a woman or a man with Juli Slattery and Glenn Stanton, I jumped at the opportunity. As you will see, Juli, Glenn, and I come to the table with different perspectives and different starting points on the topic. I hope this leads to thoughtful reflection rather than confusion for listeners.

I believe this is such an important topic because we need to turn the tide away from harmful and, frankly, untrue conceptions of gender that have too often been embraced in conservative circles.

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