Sarah and her family

I confess that it never occurred to me to try my hand at writing. Never. I was busy minding my own business keeping a family of six organized, homeschooling, teaching the random Spanish class, and helping out at church here, there and everywhere. Writing was simply not on my radar. But then I got curious and started reading. Before I knew it reading led to thinking, thinking led to feeling that I had something to say, and feeling that I had something to say led to writing. So there you have it.View More: http://havenlifeandphoto.pass.us/s-oconnor

Before then I had it all wrapped up: what’s true about God and humanity and male and female and a host of other things. It was all very biblical, as far as I was concerned. And some of it was, no doubt. But other parts were more traditional than biblical, more legalistic than accurate, more shallow than deep. God challenged me in my assumptions, sending me off to seminary after most of my children were out of the house. So I came at all of this pretty late, after half a lifetime of following Jesus.

I love the simple life – without so much stuff, so many involvements, so much complication. With time to go for a walk with my husband, enjoy coffee with a friend, and even do the laundry (ironing excluded). I am happy reading and not sewing, gardening and not shopping, cleaning and not gallivanting. Most of all I love sharing what I’ve learned with Christian women, men and teens, one-on-one or in front of a crowd.

I hope there is something here that you find useful. Thank you for reading and God bless you.

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