As you can guess if you’ve read my blog, I enjoy speaking about what it means to be human, what it means to be male and female, what it means to be Christian, and how all of this comes together to impact the way we work out our everyday lives. I love shedding light on some of those kick-in-the-gut passages of scripture (mostly about women) that can be so hard to stomach. My take on Paul’s theology of gender (the ideas that lie behind Paul’s instructions to men and women) is one of my most popular topics.

It’s Good to Be a Woman Day Retreats

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At the beginning of 2019 I launched my It’s Good to Be a Woman day retreats for women. On a single Saturday women learn about our dual identity as both fully human and fully woman. We do this by taking a fresh look at Genesis 1-3, some of those difficult passages on women in the Bible, along with many stories about real women found in the pages of Scripture. We learn that as women we fully represent who God is in his eternal, ruling essence, just as men do. In addition, we learn that as women we also reflect who mankind is to God. I believe God desires that women embrace all that he created us to be, neither apologizing for our God-given humanity nor denigrating our God-given femininity. For more detailed information on It’s Good to Be a Woman click here.

A Tale of Two Mothers 

I creatively share my testimony of my relationship with my mother through a true-life tale of two 60’s mothers, focusing on how I learned to accept, forgive, and love my mother by understanding her as a whole person. One of my most popular topics, A Tale of Two Mothers is ideal for Mother’s Day events.


I have 20 years of experience speaking in a variety of settings, both to women only and to mixed audiences. If you would like to hear me speak, you can access my sermon Ignorance is Not Bliss through Littleton Vineyard Church’s website. If you are interested in hearing how certain Christian teachings negatively impacted my marriage, listen to Java With Juli podcast #280 with Dr. Juli Slattery and Dr. Ron Welch: “When Submission Becomes Controlling.” You will need to subscribe to Authentic Intimacy if you would like to listen as Juli talks with me about a few of those passages in the Bible that seem to denigrate women. Search for Java With Juli podcast #163: “Women & the Tough Bible Verses.”

Contact Me

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