Preaching at My Home Church

I recently had my first opportunity to preach at my home church, Littleton Vineyard. Jim and I have been there almost two years now and have served in various capacities, but this was my first time in the pulpit. Which means that it was recorded. Our team was in a series on spiritual gifts and I was asked to give some insight into Hospitality, Pastoring and Exhortation . So if you’re interested in hearing my take on those gifts, or just curious about what I have to say, feel free to access the link above.

2 thoughts on “Preaching at My Home Church

  1. So I know you know by now the link takes you no where. Is there any way you can get a copy to post as print? I’d love to read it.


    1. The link should be working. Our church has a new website so the link changed, but I fixed it over the weekend. I tested it just now and it works for me. Let me know if you have any more trouble with it.


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