Return to Cyberspace: A Personal Update

So I’m still alive and plotting my imminent return to cyberspace, for those of you who have been wondering and waiting with bated breath. For those who haven’t, no offense taken. Please simply disregard this personal update and have a great day.

After pondering for the past couple of years how I might become usefully employed with an MA in Biblical Studies, a highly unemployable degree if there ever was one, I have recently accepted a position at my church. Small church that it is, where everyone wears multiple hats, my duties range from the mundane to the sublime, from office work to “strategic thinking and planning.”

Which is one reason I thought the position was such a good fit, because if there’s anything I like to do, it’s think. Thinking is great because it doesn’t even involve your hands. You can be doing whatever you want and still be “working.” You just think, come up with ideas, say them, and people are happy.

Or they aren’t.

Either way, you’ve done the thinking part of your job.

Add to the new job one podcast recording with Dr. Juli Slattery of Authentic Intimacy (more details coming soon), four sets of house guests, landscaping the plantation (okay, suburban yard), and life has whizzed by the past few weeks.

But I’m on it.

On to Paul’s theology of gender in earnest, that is. Starting to transform a 134-page thesis based on over 200 sources into comprehensible yet bite-sized pieces for a series on the man. The man who has everyone in an uproar, in a tizzy, endlessly debating what he meant by what he said.

So stay tuned to this channel. The writers guild has not gone on strike and the next episode is coming soon.

3 thoughts on “Return to Cyberspace: A Personal Update

  1. Sarah! Sooooo excited you accepted the job and can’t wait to hear more. Sounds like you’ve been a busy bee, too.
    I’m excited and proud of you. ❤❤❤
    I will come visit your church one of these days soon!

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  2. Good for you…they are blessed to have a individual of your calibre….wish you were closer…maybe we can get together this summer…love and blessings to you.


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